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After 7 years as a private tour guide company, my family and I are sharing local knowledge in written form while also working full-time in the tourism business.  Sharing all the Best, from M. Corrigan, director, Best Guide Seattle.

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​​​Self-guided walking tours are for individuals or small groups who want to see and learn about the city of Seattle. With a list of stops curated for your interests, and a suggested timetable, the Best Guide, Seattle itinerary lets you enjoy the best places at your pace.  

Your Best Guide sends directions and information to your email address so you can read it on your phone or device. It's intentionally non-tracking, and lets you have more "real" moments without getting lost. We share the "how to" in finding reliable transportation, and direct you with hand-drawn maps. We're writing the pages of a customized guidebook for you to enjoy.

Best Guide uses light rail, monorail, water-taxi, streetcar, and occasionally driving directions for you to enjoy Seattle areas as if you lived here --avoiding traffic, and expensive parking. It's an easy, friendly, daytime walk around the city designed by a knowledgeable local guide.  

Advanced communication via email is preferred, but WE CAN make a great tour with as little as two-day's prior notice.