Costs, and Expectations

A "day tour" itinerary is $35.00 USD, and represents an approximate 2.5 to 3-hour, self guided tour with 5 to 10 featured "stops" along the way.  Maps, transportation instructions, photos and historical and cultural notes are featured in customized itinerary PDF type attachments.

Admission fees to museums, art galleries, and other attractions are updated as a reference, but are not included in the purchase of an itinerary.  ​   

When you choose a tour area,  write to us via the "Request an Itinerary" button, and we'll send a confirmation predicting the date for your itinerary to be completed, and emailed along with a link to purchase it. 

From there we'll continue to research, and plan a great day for you in Seattle! 

Feel free to buy more than one itinerary if you're here for several days, want more special interest options in different areas in the city, or have a special request that adds more directions to other nearby places. We enjoy being creative with travel ideas.

Best Guide, Seattle will create an enjoyable itinerary with you. Please expect communications by email. Your response helps confirm the details. After you've purchased your itinerary, we'll also send a cell phone number to text "day-of" if you have immediate questions.
(All tour materials are in English)

"Day tour" itineraries also list optional stops for light lunch, or a snack along the way. It's not required, but let us know what kinds of food and drink that you like, and dislike. 

Also, let us know if you prefer to end your tour in a different location from where it started. For example, Best Guide Seattle can plan to end your itinerary at an art gallery, museum, restaurant, or special shop in the same area.  

This is a private communication, and you can expect that Best Guide Seattle is not going to share information about who you are, where you're staying, where you're from, or where you're going. With the same regard, our expectation is that the unique itinerary for your visit is enjoyed by the Best Guide Seattle guests for which it was designed.  

The tour itinerary walks mostly are on level ground with the occasional staircase.  Seattle has on-going construction projects; detours are anticipated. If really bad weather makes it too uncomfortable to be outside, we'll re-send your itinerary with options. It does rain in Seattle--a hooded jacket, hat or umbrella, along with closed shoes are fine.  

Thank you for choosing Best Guide Seattle for your itinerary design services.